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Happy Hikago Day!

Hi everyone! [personal profile] caminante gave me permission to reblog our announcement about our awesome collaborative Hikago fic, Waya no Paduk! See below!

Happy Hikago Day! So, confession time, [personal profile] hestialuna and I have been working like crazy on a Hikago fic for the last few weeks. We've kept mum about it because it was going to be her Blind Go submission. The bad new is, we decided not to submit it to Blind Go. We didn't want to rush to get it done by the deadline especially since she had eye surgery last week and we had vacation plans this weekend (plans currently still in progress).

The good news, though, is that we're not submitting it to Blind Go because it turned into a LONGER story than we expected (and also because I'm not signed up for Blind Go so it would have been cheating a little bit, although this would have been the least anonymous submission ever--fluff, puns, footnotes, KOREA, hmmm, I wonder who could have written this).

So yeah, there'll be new Hikago fic co-authored by us in about a week. It's called Waya no Paduk, it'll be about 10,000 words, and, basically, we took one of the Blind Go suggested themes, the KOREA THEME and ran with it. Remember how I was recently shouting that more movies should be set in Seoul? Yeah, obviously the solution was the write fic about Waya and Isumi taking a trip to Seoul :D

Would you like an exclusive sample? Here's the first scene

"Otsukaresama deshita!" Waya calls out over his shoulder as he all but bolts out of the Go Institute’s central game room. A slow grin spreads across his face as he hastily changes out of his slippers and into his sneakers.

Waya doesn't even mind that he just got unexpectedly trounced by Shindou during yose in that final game, even though that would normally irritate him for the rest of the day. His vacation has just begun! This time tomorrow, he'll probably be stuffing his face with some bizarre and delicious Korean food! in Seoul! with Isumi!

They’ve taken small trips in the past, even before they started dating a few years ago, but this will be their first international trip together and it’s going to be a for a whole week. Granted, it's officially for a go conference where Isumi has been invited as a panelist and asked to do some publicity afterwards, but Waya was able to register to compete too and they're planning to stay several extra days for sightseeing.

When he reaches the elevator, he sees Touya sitting on a bench with his hands folded, waiting for Shindou. Waya greets him with a cheerful grin as he presses the elevator button. Touya gives him a nod in return, looking slightly taken aback.

Waya is bouncing lightly on his heels and humming softly to himself as he waits for the notoriously slow elevator to make its way up to the fourth floor. He can feel Touya staring curiously at him as if he were suddenly having trouble recognizing him.

"Ah... I heard from Shindou that you'll be accompanying Isumi-san to the go conference in Seoul this weekend. Is it true that this will be your first trip outside of Japan?"

It's a polite question, but coming from Touya, Waya thinks he can hear a hint of veiled skepticism underneath. Still, even Touya's condescending attitude can't spoil his good mood.

"Yep!" Waya replies brightly.

"Well, you must be very excited then. It's fortunate that you'll be traveling with Isumi-san, since he’s been to Korea so many times in the last few years. It'll be like having a private guide."

"It's true, Isumi's great at traveling!" The unexpected compliment makes Waya beam on Isumi’s behalf. Waya's been trying for years to warm up to Touya for Shindou's sake, without much success, but maybe it’s finally getting easier.

As if summoned by Waya merely thinking his name, Shindou bursts through the door, sullenly changes his shoes, and flops down on the bench next to Touya with an exasperated sigh.

"Ugh, Waya, what was that yose all about? I don't even feel good about beating you. That was embarrassing," Shindou gripes.

"He was probably distracted by his upcoming trip to Seoul," Touya remarks.

Waya bristles slightly at this, even though it's true. "Sorry, Shindou. I'll bring you back some super fermented kimchi to make up for it."

"Ha, right. Oh yeah, you're traveling with Isumi! Aren't you nervous?"

What is Shindou talking about?

"Why would I be nervous?" Waya replies irritably.

"Well, Isumi speaks Korean now and knows Seoul really well. And he’ll be introducing you to all his Korean friends. I'd be pretty nervous."

"Shindou, shut up," Touya hisses under his breath.

Waya hasn't really thought much about meeting Isumi's Korean friends. Here at home everybody knows Waya and Isumi equally well, because they’ve been inseparable for the past decade, but what if these new people think he’s goofy or not good enough for Isumi? Actually, now that he thinks about it, he’s never been out of Japan before, and the only Korean he knows is that “annyeonghaseyo” means hello and “paduk” means go… What if he does something embarrassing?

"I'm not you, Shindou," Waya retorts. A familiar scowl settles over his face as he turns to check the elevator. Why is it still on the second floor? Why does everything suck? Especially Shindou. And Touya, by association.

"Screw this, I'm taking the stairs," he grumbles as he swings open the door to the stairwell exit.

"Have a great trip, Waya!" Shindou's voice echoes loudly from behind him as he stomps down the steps.


Please accept these photos of the Hikago nail art we're sporting today in apology for our failure at getting this story done in time for Blind Go :)

The best part about this is that I stole (borrowed) some go stones from work and carted them all the way to Gyeongju for our go stone 5s only to arrive and discover that the effort had been unnecessary because there was a goban set up in the common room of our guesthouse. Heh, Korea.

more photos behind this cut


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