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Waya & Isumi Appreciation Society

Sly Isumi is sly
Heh. Sly Isumi is so sly.

First of all, I need to show off this amazing coffee mug that [personal profile] caminante custom ordered for me because IT. IS. PERFECTION.


Why is it amazing?
  • It includes a line from chapter 3 of Hikaru no Joe. MY WORDS, ON A MUG.

"Waya!" Hikaru said.
"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you talking to yourself again. It's cool. I do the same thing with Isumi-san when I'm making complicated drinks, since he's better at them. You know, like 'What Would Isumi-san Do?'"
Hikaru could only stare at him, aghast.

  • It's ALSO in Japanese on the other side!! She asked [personal profile] love to translate it for me!!!!
  • I mentioned offhand that I wanted this quote on a mug months ago.
  • She custom designed it, had it shipped from the United States to Korea, and managed to keep it a secret for months... only to deploy it at the best possible time, right when we finished writing Waya no Paduk.

Basically, she started hinting that she had The Ultimate Prize waiting for me when I finished writing my parts of Waya no Paduk because I was hitting writing blocks. Even with all the hype, my mind broke when she handed me this. I couldn't even react properly. Like Hikaru, I could only stare at this mug aghast, blown away by how ridiculously perfect and thoughtful of a gift it was because she is the most thoughtful friend ever.

Anyway, here is my mug with The Mug:

What Would Isumi-san Do? Manage to pose nicely for a photo when completely freaking out internally.

IN JAPANESE! ありがとう~~ [personal profile] love !!!

Moving on with more Hikago goods, I made a Waya & Isumi fanvid!! Because the world needs more perfect fluffy OTP fluff and this couple certainly delivers.

I made this for [personal profile] caminante for her birthday, after our mega-collaboration on Waya no Paduk. I wanted to create a tribute to their great friendship, as well as hint at a possible romance (hey, they're side characters. This could totally have been happening in the background.)



Waya & Isumi - I’m With You [Hikaru no Go]

By Hestia Luna

Music: The Stills - I’m With You

My Tumblr link for reposting

And finally, I wanted to post up the art I made for Waya no Paduk separately on my journal. :D

And that concludes the perfect tribute trifecta of fan-made goods for the fluffiest, sweetest side-OTP ever. As if you needed more proof of how much caminante and I adore this couple.


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May. 25th, 2014 11:46 am (UTC)
I'm still cracking up about that panel tbh
So much Waya/Isumi love AAWWWW!

And what a perfect cup! You look lovely too by the way :D
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