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Eat Your Fanfic

To my surprise, Eat Your Kimchi just posted a video primer on fanfiction culture and terms. I'm not sure how Korean expat life plus fanfiction naturally go together (unless you're into kpop RPF..?), but I'm living proof that one can somehow lead to the other. The existence of this video sums up my time in Korea so far, which started off as exciting adventure time across the world and turned into exciting adventure time plus mutual spiraling into new fandoms, as [personal profile] caminante sucked me into Sherlock and I got her into anime. To that, I say:


Fic update

 I'm working on a Sai side story to Hikaru no Joe and it's completely wringing me out. I'm on my third rewrite at this point, after scrapping about 1500 words, changing the tense, and switching the narration style. It hurts to have to throw out a lot of solid words because they don't ultimately fit with the tone and pacing of the story I really want to tell. I tell myself it's necessary surgery, but I still save them in a separate text file like a memorial.

Ironically, I wanted to write this story as a small break from the coffeeshop antics of HnJ, but it's taking me a lot longer than any of the other chapters. The tone and feel are completely different and I wanted to explore Sai's history and character as I've constructed him in my story, as well as delve more deeply into the world of 1950s Italy, since [personal profile] caminante and I have been doing SO much research for the sake of this fic.

It's been about a month since Chapter 3, but I'm hoping to crank out this side story now that I'm on the right track. After this, there's blind go and the Young Roaster's Tournament to finish by May!
Hikaru no Joe
Chapter 3: Common Grounds


"Touya! I'd like to experiment with the tamping speed on his smug face," Hikaru snarled. "Anyway, I can't imagine him making latte art. He has his style, I have mine. I don’t need to copy him." Or you, Hikaru added to himself.

Genre: Coffeeshop AU
Word Count: 3,400
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it on AO3


I freaked out about this over on my Tumblr, but I should definitely post this here too.


*dead* That's it. No more chapters. Here lies Hestia Luna, slain by sheer awesome.

Barista!Touya and Barista!Hikaru by made of coffee:  Link to the SHEER AWESOME


My beta also made me this great GIF from Chapter 2!!

"Your ristretto."

"My what???"

"Don’t play dumb," Touya snapped. "How did you make it? The most difficult, unforgiving espresso known for precise control and restraint and for you of all people to… It couldn’t have been luck. It’s not possible.”

The gears clicked into place. Hikaru smirked.
I'm so happy. ;_;

Chapter 3 is in beta!

Oh man, this chapter WRUNG me out. I shipped it off to my lovely beta, so it's in her capable hands now. At 3,500+ words, it's bigger than the past two chapters. No easy feat for a newbie fic writer. 5,000 words for blind go is going to ruin me. I don't know if I'm going to be able to top this chapter, but I am super proud of it, which means you should all brace yourself for the punvalanche. It even has some serious emotional moments. You thought you were just reading a silly crack coffeeshop AU.... and then the unexpected feels! Just like HikaGo was never just a silly manga about a board game. It's strange... I intended this chapter to be a short Sai POV and go into his past, but it evolved into something else entirely. I'd still love to write a side story about Sai though.

Hitting the sweet spot

I've discovered, through exhaustive empirical testing, that there is a sweet spot of being just over-caffeinated enough to write my Hikago coffee fic at a pleasantly percolating pace. But not overly buzzed to the point that I get stuck on wanting to jam in every horrible pun that pops into my head like a weird case of the hiccups.

Writing fic is a latte hard work.

Friending post

Welcome! This journal mainly serves to archive my Hikago fanfics, but maybe it'll serve some greater purpose someday. Friend me at your peril... I enjoy terrible puns and do not hesitate to deploy them in my fics with deadly timing. :) But do feel free to friend me.

I'm currently teaching English in South Korea, which leaves me with a lot of free time for fannish pursuits. :)

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr

Hikaru no Joe, Chapter 2

 Hikaru no Joe (Chapter 2: Honinbrew)

Pairings: Hikaru/Touya eventually
Rating: G

Chapter Summary:

Hikaru begins working at the hip, young coffeehouse Honinbrew and meets his first challenge: the milk steamer.

"I learned how to steam milk properly on my first try," Ochi remarked, smirking as he pulled an espresso shot next to him. "It's not that hard."
Genre: Coffee shop AU
Word Count: 1,519
Warnings:  No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it at AO3
Read it on FF.net

Fic: Hikaru no Joe, Chapter 1

HnG is finally getting a coffee shop AU! Enjoy.

Hikaru no Joe (Chapter 1: A Fresh Brewginning)


After the ghost of a coffee-obsessed 18th century Italian barista starts haunting him, Shindou Hikaru tries to get a job at Café Meijin but is roasted during his interview by percolating protege Touya Akira. Afterwards, Shindou vows to prove his potential as a master barista and Touya's rival. The pressure is on!

But there are many forms of greatness and many paths to the perfect cup. It will take both of them, with their divergent styles, to create the divine brew.

Pairings: Hikaru/Touya eventually
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,954
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply (do terrible puns count?)

Read it on AO3